Inspirational bookmarks

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Christian bookmarks


Inspirational Christian Scripture bookmarks by Berean Designs, bringing God’s Word into everyday life. 

It’s time to replace the scrap of paper/concert ticket/cotton bud/toilet tissue that you’ve been using as a ‘bookmark’, with these vibrant and colourful Berean bookmarks, which include Bible verses and inspirational messages.

These bookmarks make excellent Christian everyday gifts for book-loving friends and family, for students, Bible study groups, Sunday School classes, men’s ministry, women’s ministry, teens groups, etc. Buy them for Easter and Christmas, for birthdays, Father’s Days, Mother’s Days or surprise ‘just because’ days. 

You don’t have to just use them for books, though! They make eye-catching hanging displays, memory verses, elaborate gift tags, and as messages to bless and encourage others.

If you are reading or studying a particular Bible theme or Scripture verse, have a look through the popular verses and see if we have a bookmark to match. What a great way to reinforce the message! 

And, while you’re having your quiet read, with your inspirational Christian bookmark, why not have your hot drink in a matching inspirational mug?

  • Printed on 350gsm card
  • Printed on both sides (back and front views)
  • Gloss laminated
  • Approx measurements 50mm x 200mm
  • Hole at the top (not shown) for adding your own ribbons, tassels, etc, or for hanging up on display
  • Buik orders welcome (eg. for end-of-term gifts? Party bags? House groups? Bible study groups?)
  • Designed and printed in the UK