Valour bookmark



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Who are these Christian bookmarks for?

Do you know anyone who is strong, courageous and has a passion for God? Someone full of integrity, who has spiritual backbone and strong moral fibre? (Or someone who is aspiring to be?) These qualities are vitally needed in today’s world, aren’t they?

If YOU are that person, or you know someone who is, then these Valour bookmarks will provide a great reminder to stay on the right track. Remember, “the Lord is with you”. Don’t just use them as bookmarks, though. Hang them up in a convenient place as a constant encouragement.

And, while you (or your friend) are having your devotional/quiet time with this inspirational bookmark in your Bible or other favourite book, why not have a hot drink in a complementary inspirational mug?


  • Printed on 350gsm card
  • Printed on both sides (as shown)
  • Gloss laminated
  • Approx measurements 50mm x 200mm
  • Hole at the top (not shown) for adding your own ribbons, tassels, etc, or for hanging up on display
  • Bulk orders welcome (eg. end of term gifts? Fellowship groups? Men’s Ministry? Father’s Day gifts?)
  • Designed and printed in the UK

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